Customers & Success Stories

Customers & Success Stories
Real solutions for real customers

Customers Come First

As a team of highly technical people, we at Quantum Signal are very demanding and critical of the tools, gadgets, toys, and services we purchase from others. We expect things to work as designed and not to fall apart in demanding applications. We do not suffer buggy software, poorly constructed hardware, or clueless technical support well. We are demanding customers.

We expect no less from our customers, and use a single principle to guide our work: simply put, we treat our customers as we would expect to be treated. This means that each and every project, technology, document, or support call is executed at the highest level of quality that we can provide, and every customer is important. While it may seem foreign to the bean-counters and business weenies, we believe it is more important to deliver top-notch products and services than it is to squeeze out a hair more profit. "Good enough" is not a phrase condoned around our offices, and we expect not only to meet but also to greatly exceed our customers' expectations.

QS has worked with clients ranging from single-person companies to the multinational conglomerates and governments, and succeeded on each and every project we have executed. We never worry whether or not potential customers contact those for which we've worked with in the past, because they are usually our best salespeople! Our organization has an advertising budget of (essentially) zero - our customers and technology speak for themselves, and we're growing fast!

Working with Quantum Signal

No company is an island, and Quantum Signal is no exception. We believe that our technologies, products, and services are at their best when they are serving the customer. Similarly, we believe that we are at our best when teamed with other highly motivated, enthusiastic groups that want to reach for engineering and business excellence.

QS is continually seeking customers, strategic partners, and collaborators to pursue projects and opportunities. We have an excellent track record of achievement, and can bring top-notch skills and technology to your broad project. For more information, please choose that which best describes your organization from the list below:

  • Industry - those in commercial, for-profit enterprise whose primary focus is on delivering products and/or services to end customers
  • Government - those in the public sector at the Federal, State, or local level.
  • Academic - those in educational or non-profit environments focused on research, discovery, and the generation of knowledge


So your team has an idea for a new product - you have the means to produce it, the channels to distribute it, and there's huge potential to capture the market. Unfortunately, nobody on the team knows exactly how to make the core technology that involves extracting information from a picture or video. And nobody seems to have the bandwidth or the expertise to make it into a smooth, integrated application. You might be able to develop it or hire a new employee who could, but that'll take time and there are no guarantees. Where can you go?

Quantum Signal is a company focused on helping to bring your dream to reality. Leveraging a wealth of in-house skills, technology, and experience, QS staff work with your team to design, research, develop, test, and deploy new products in a timely, budget-friendly manner. We work to understand your needs and interests, ensuring that everyone is barking up the right tree! The relationship between QS and your organization can take one of several forms (or any combination thereof):

  • Contractor - QS is contracted directly by your organization to develop specific deliverables or provide expertise. You work with us to understand the requirements and, once specified, we develop and deliver the solution. Your organization can then produce, market, and profit!
  • Partner - QS teams with your company to develop and market a product of mutual interest. This can be a cost effective, beneficial methodology for organizations with excellent opportunities but limited funds. These relationships generally involve substantial IP/revenue sharing arrangements and co-ownership/joint ventures.
  • Licensee - Your organization licenses existing QS technology for inclusion into products. This can be either a one-time fee or per-unit, depending on the wishes of the customer and/or the application.

QS is a flexible, dynamic organization that wants to work with you. If you have an idea, or would simply like to find out more, please contact us at your earliest convenience. We're ready to help you make it happen!


Quantum Signal is not an ordinary contractor, and "good enough for government work" is not in our vocabulary. We believe that government organizations (and their staff) face some of the most difficult and unique challenges out there, and it is our privilege and honor to be a part of the team that overcomes them. QS staff are experienced in working on government (and particularly defense) contracts, and have a spotless record of top-quality deliveries that are on-time and on-budget. Some highlights include:

  • SBA small business that is registered with all necessary US government contracting websites.
  • Quality team with track record of producing high-quality technology and product.
  • Extremely fast startup from initial meeting to white paper to proposal to contract. The QS team can be up and running on your project in less than two weeks!
  • Available for short or long-term projects, including rapid response R&D that results in deployable capabilities.
  • Can act as prime or subcontractor. Available for consulting "oversight" tasks on larger projects.
  • Available for travel to customer (or system deployment) location.
  • DCAA certified accounting system with approved rates
  • Ability to handle classified contracts
  • Government customer references available

If you are a government employee or are a contractor representing the government and you have needs that you think QS could assist with, please do not hesitate to contact us. One thing we guarantee: work with QS and you will not be disappointed!


As a team with more than a few sheepskins on our walls, QS recognizes the top-notch talent and technology constantly growing in universities and colleges worldwide. We collaborate with faculty and students in a variety of different ways:

  • Collaborative projects - serving as both a knowledgeable co-developer and commercializing partner, QS works with faculty to pursue, land, execute, and deliver technology and solutions for sponsored projects. We are able to build a very strong team in this manner, and have successfully accomplished this in the past. We are currently working with researchers on several exciting projects funded by the STTR program. QS can operate either as the prime or as a subcontractor as needed.
  • Consulting - QS' in-house team cannot be experts in all areas, thus we leverage faculty and students with specific expertise and interest to bring better solutions to our clients. We can work with individuals either through their institution or outside of it: whichever makes the most sense for both parties.
  • Sabbaticals and Internships - We provide an excellent environment for faculty or students seeking to broaden their industrial experience. With state-of-the-art facilities and a friendly environment focused on creativity and innovation QS is an ideal place to "escape" the institution. And some short-term interns have gone on to become permanent parts of our team!
  • Licensing - Sometimes, excellent technology is developed in an academic environment and positively "screams" for commercialization. QS is interested in working with universities to license technologies that complement our in-house R&D.

If you are a professor, research scientist, or graduate student and are interested in any of the above, please contact us with your thoughts on how you'd like to work with, or become a part of, the QS team. We're always looking for the best and brightest!

Client/Project Examples

As mentioned above, QS has worked with many clients, large and small, on a tremendous variety of projects. While most of which are proprietary and confidential, a number of our current projects can be found on this website:

  • FACES - a skin-analysis system developed for Amway Corporation.
  • Hunter SmartShot® - an assisted mugshot capture system for Hunter Systems Group external link icon and the Massachusetts State Police.
  • OSRAM PASS – a web-based laboratory management system developed for OSRAM Semi.
  • DRIVER – a high-speed UGV teleoperation system developed for US Army and Harris Corp.

And so many more. Some of our former and current clients include:

QS is here today and ready to work with you to overcome even the most difficult technical challenges. If you think we can help and are ready to move forward, please contact us.


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