Quantum Signal Headquarters

QS Headquarters: 1930 Union School
Uniquely innovating in a unique environment

Saline's Historic Union School

Quantum Signal is headquartered in historic Union School in Saline, Michigan. Built in 1930, Union School was originally a K-12 facility. Over the years the building has undergone several renovations and functions, serving as an elementary school, a high school, and an administration building for Saline Area Schools.

QS moved into Union School in November, 2010, because of the need for larger space and more appropriate facilities as the company and its projects grew. The new headquarters provides QS with a machine shop, garage, more space for testing, several conference rooms and lab space, and more offices.

It’s also fun for the staff to work in an old school with a gymnasium, performance stage, hallway lockers, a bomb shelter, and a dungeon. Programmers and designers can often be found playing volleyball during lunch. Or climbing ropes in punishment for any bugs discovered in their code.

The school is a beautiful art deco building with many of the original fixtures, including terrazzo flooring and wood-framed skylights. Having an environment with such character is a real asset for a company that leans heavily on creative solutions. And it’s somehow special when a business that creates new technology can be connected to a vital part of the community’s heritage.


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