Providing expertise where and when you need it

When you hear the word "consultant" what do you think of? We think of people in expensive suits with very limited knowledge telling you things you already know and billing far, far too much. Maybe we're cynical, but if you've seen these "processes" and "programs" in action - can you blame us?

At Quantum Signal, we believe in providing advice and expertise that is truly value added. Our team of experts solve problems and create new technologies everyday, and have shared their expertise with many organizations in a diversity of fields. Whether you create bomb-sniffing robots, develop high-end cosmetics, maintain power distribution systems, or market next-generation advertainment, QS engineers can help you build a better, more efficient system or product, help evaluate offerings of other organizations and source vendors, and much more. We are happy to provide consulting in areas such as:

  • Product design, architecture, and implementation
  • Intellectual property protection and analysis
  • Position analysis in technology-related markets
  • Technical feasibility analysis or review of program progress
  • Strength of a technical team, solution, or organizations
  • Identification and review of talent to suit a particular need
  • Analysis of technology issues or products to support litigation or mediation
  • Reverse engineering of products or process

Our team has provided consulting to technology and product companies, legal firms, and investment houses, and is happy to help your organization in any way we can. Innovation is in our blood, and we're ready to join your team – just let us know at

Oh, and even if we have a suit on, we're likely to be wearing tennis shoes and have our sleeves rolled up underneath the jacket…


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