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Pipes are occasionally of extraordinary interest. Nothing has more individuality save, perhaps, watches and bootlaces. - Sherlock Holmes, The Yellow Face

We hate to disagree with the inimitable Dr. Holmes, but individuality can be found in a variety of places and for a variety of different reasons. The areas of biometrics and forensics both center on concepts related to identity, and both are an integral and growing part of the security and law enforcement landscape. QS has been working to develop new technology and techniques in these areas and has world-class expertise ready to tackle your challenges. Some forensic projects and technologies QS has developed include:

  • Biometrics Database - a 350 subject, multimodal biometric database collected by QS under a NIST project and now available for licensing.
  • Hunter SmartShot® - software to help law enforcement achieve NIST-compliant mug shots.
  • Statistical Garment Analysis - two software tools that help forensic examiners to statistically estimate the likelihood that a seized patterned garment matches a garment captured in surveillance images.
  • Thermal Ribbon Analysis Platform (TRAP) - A desktop device that enables extremely fast, efficient, and automatic recovery of data on thermal mass transfer (TMT) or dye diffusion thermal transfer (D2T2) ribbons. TRAP is useful for forensics, security auditing, and more!
  • Counterfeit Document Analysis Tool (CDAT) – A web-based system for entering and mining databases of counterfeit document analysis data. CDAT facilitates collaboration between forensic document examiners and helps them automatically find relationships hidden in vast databases of analysis data.

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