Hunter SmartShot®

Hunter Smartshot ®
Customer Success Story: Smartshot provides NIST compliant booking photos for law enforcement made easy!

Each year, hundreds of thousands of crimes are committed in the US and around the world. Law enforcement faces unique challenges in solving these crimes, and as part of the process arrest and "book" suspects on a daily basis. Booking involves documenting identifying information about the person, including capturing pictures of their face - the venerable "mug shot." Historically, what has defined a mugshot was the capture of both the front and side of the face with some qualitative regard for a general range of scales within the photo.

The advent of digital "one touch" cameras have made taking higher quality pictures much easier, however electronic databases and face recognition systems have put new emphasis on taking clean, consistent mugshots. The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has developed a standard for mugshot images that will facilitate interoperability between databases and recognition systems used by law enforcement. Unfortunately, implementing and enforcing the standard in the dynamic, stressful environment of the police station can be difficult, and police need real tools if these photos are to improve.

Quantum Signal, working with Hunter Systems, has developed Hunter SmartShot®, a new officer-friendly tool for capturing and managing NIST compliant mugshots. Hunter SmartShot® leverages QS' automatic face detection and tracking technology as well as state-of-the-art image processing algorithms to ensure quick, easy photo capture with consistent, reliable results. Hunter SmartShot® is now being used by law enforcement units in Massachussets, New Jersey, Rhode Island, West Virginia and Australia.


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