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Worried about Skynet? We're not

Robots have captured the human imagination for nearly a century. From 1927's "Metropolis" to 1956's "Forbidden Planet" to "The Terminator" in 1984, science fiction has brought robots into the public consciousness and inspired engineer and cinema-goer alike.

While robots are common in science fiction, their real-world counterparts exist mainly in research laboratories and niche applications. Robots can be found welding automobile body panels on assembly lines, transporting merchandise in warehouses, and capturing scientific data on the surface of Mars. Few robots exist in our everyday lives.

The lack of pervasive robot application stems partly from difficulties in sensing and navigation. Robots cannot perceive their environment nearly as well as humans-they rely on vision systems and algorithms that are simplistic and error-prone. This leads to difficulty in performing even simple tasks in real-world scenarios. Advances in robotic vision technology are required before robots can enter our everyday life.

Quantum Signal is currently developing cutting-edge vision, navigation, and control technologies to enable reliable, robust unmanned systems. By bringing our extensive image processing capabilities to bear on robotic vision challenges, we are pushing the state-of-the-art in vision-based sensing. Some of our current projects include:

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Robotics for your Application

Quantum Signal is developing a wide array of image processing, user interface, and simulation technologies directly applicable to your robotics application. If you would like to add state-of-the-art technology to your system, or consult with a team of experienced experts, please contact us at


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