Easy remote control of your robot, down the street or on the other side of the globe

We’ll admit it: we’re smitten with remote control robots. The idea of executing dangerous or dirty tasks via a real-world electromechanical avatar excites our imaginations and gets our technical juices flowing. We know we’re not alone; it seems you can’t turn around at any vehicle or defense tradeshow without tripping over an unmanned, teleoperated system. Currently, thousands of robots are being teleoperated by US soldiers in-theater, where they are saving lives on a daily basis. And NASA engineers continue to explore Mars with the long-lived Spirit and Opportunity landers.

With all this excitement, it may surprise the unitiated that teleoperation still has a long way to go. Most teleoperated interfaces provide myopic, limited viewpoints and are difficult for the user to control. A suitcase-sized “operator control unit” full of joysticks, keyboards, and buttons are the norm. Issues related to communication and control latencies, management of bandwidth, and feedback modality and quality must all be solved if teleoperated systems are to gain wider application in the military and beyond!

Quantum Signal is working hard to improve teleoperated interfaces and systems. Leveraging a variety of image processing and algorithmic technologies, we are building next-generation teleoperated interfaces for use on a host of unmanned systems and subsystems. Some examples include:

If you are interested in making your teleoperated system easier to control, our team is ready to help. We will leverage newly developed technologies to improve your system’s performance, and have on-staff experts in interface design, image processing, video compression and transmission, vehicle technology, and more! For more information, please contact us at


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