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Fusing Video Games and Serious Engineering Simulation

Quantum Signal, through its gaming and simulation division, is bringing together video game technology and engineering simulation to provide new tools for your organization. We specialize in providing interactive, video-game style graphics, sound, and real-time performance that directly integrates with your engineering simulations and supporting hardware. Quantum Signal combines advanced, real-time "game engine" technology with your product ideas (e.g. a virtual control panel layout) or technologies (e.g. a vehicle dynamics model) to yield a "playable" simulation on a PC, Xbox360, PS2/3, Wii, or other device. This simulation is useful for studying system performance, collecting feedback from potential end users or customers, marketing a concept, training staff, and more.

The Quantum Signal team has a unique combination of expertise and experience to build cutting-edge simulation applications. Prior to joining Quantum Signal, Dr. Steve Rohde was Technical Director for Global Technology Planning, Electrical and Controls Technology, Virtual Reality, and Training and Communications for General Motor’s Math-Based Engineering activities, and is a world-recognized expert in the application of computers to engineering and virtual product development.

Quantum Signal is working on several new, cutting-edge simulation projects:


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