Making Huge Strides In The Realm Of Robotics
We haven't built Optimus Prime yet.... but we're close!

Simulation and virtual environments are playing an increasingly vital role in engineering, business, medicine, defense, and many other fields. Advances in computer graphics and processing power enable interactive multimedia visualizations that are nearly photo-realistic. More than just a pretty face, these simulations are built on underlying mathematical models that can help the user design "what if" scenarios to better understand real-world applications of their system.

Quantum Signal is developing an integrated suite of multi-body dynamics algorithms, real-time physics systems, and state-of-the-art commercial video game techniques to build a new generation of UGV software simulators. This robotic simulation tool will enable strategists, engineers, and researchers to perform virtual robotic testing and simulation. This tool will support a variety of UGV models, allow for terrain and scenery definition, scenario scripting, and other components critical to an end-to-end simulation of UGV applications and better understanding of system performance.


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