Developing Robust and Effective Training Applications
Quantum Signal is building custom training solutions for a rapidly evolving tech space

Whether you're a surgeon, barista, train conductor, IT person, or work in just about any field of endeavor, your effectiveness depends in large part upon the training you received. One can always argue about the quantity of training that is necessary, but it goes without saying that the quality of the training is all-critical. Training that amplifies the key points and engages the student will most certainly ensure that the lesson is remembered when the time comes to translate ideas into action.

One of the most powerful learning technologies available today are virtual environments and "serious" video games. The power of virtual is that one can represent just about anything, in any context, in a repeatable, well thought out fashion and at very low cost. Trainers can create interactive, multimedia content that focuses on exactly what they hope to convey, and do so in a manner that is interesting and memorable to trainees. People learn through engagement, and Gen-Xers, Millennials, and beyond are very much in tune with the whats, whys, and hows of interactive virtual environments!

The most important part of designing and implementing this type of leading-edge training is to ensure that the "bling" doesn't overwhelm the message; the simulation is a tool, not an end in itself. Serious games must be designed and built by a serious team that understands the technology, the educational objectives to be reached, and the nature of the trainees. And this is where Quantum Signal comes in!

QS has a well-established team of professionals that specialize in the creation of leading-edge interactive training technologies. The team consists of experienced designers, programmers, artists, engineers, and more that work hard to build the right training tool to meet the customer's specific needs. Our team has built virtual environments, games, and trainers that have shipped worldwide, in quantities of one up to millions of copies. We are not tied to a specific approach or technology, and can build trainers that range from the ultra-realistic to the completely fantastical. The type of trainer and approach taken depends upon the customer and needs, but one thing is certain: your trainees will remember the lesson!

QS provides a wide range of services in this area, including:

  • Assistance with identifying what type of virtual training will work for your team.
  • Complete, end-to-end design, implementation, and delivery of custom training software.
  • Development of virtual content, including learning modules, art and media assets, and more.
  • Installation and configuration of training laboratories.
  • Working with your team to build training curricula incorporating virtual simulation.

We've been successfully helping organizations build and use technology to enhance learning. Some examples include:

  • Base Planning & Analysis Tool (Base ADAPT) - Base ADAPT is a tool for base camp designers to effectively plan and assess force protection during base construction and teardown.
  • Embassy Sim—Multiplayer learning environment to assist those engaged in protecting diplomatic posts worldwide.
  • Lookout—Real-time, scenario-based driving simulator that helps drivers with situational awareness.
  • Tactical Driving Simulation (TDS)—Multiplayer learning environment for teaching the concepts of vehicle-based protective details.

These are only a few examples. QS has been working in this area since 2004 and is ready to help you build the virtual learning tool you've always dreamed of!

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