Embassy Sim

A Virtual Embassy for Security Systems Training
Interactive security layout and training tools

Diplomatic facilities worldwide are symbolic targets for terrorists, putting them in the line of fire every day—even in “safe” locations. So it’s critical that security engineers and staff are well trained to understand the complex details of an embassy’s security technology. Providing effective training is challenging, and instructors need to leverage everything they can to ensure new security technicians and staff fully comprehend the systems they will be in charge of installing and maintaining.

Introducing Embassy Sim

Quantum Signal's Simulated Environment for Embassy Security Training (Embassy Sim) places security personnel in a virtual embassy and tasks them with setting up and using simulated security systems. Embassy Sim helps personnel train on the full range of security-related tasks at the technical level to prevent and appropriately respond to threats.

Embassy Sim allows students in the classroom to interact with complex and realistic facilities like the ones they will be posted in overseas. Embassies and consulates in the real world can be fully replicated to tailor each officer’s training to specific facilities.

Design, Inspect, Report

Students can easily design entire security systems for a 3D virtual embassy. You can place security equipment, barriers, vehicles and more inside and outside compound buildings.

Students and trainers can walk through an embassy in real-time, interacting with security technology, familiarizing themselves with the facility, performing inspections, and more. Customizable scripts allow course designers to create exercises that test specific knowledge and skills.

Embassy Sim was developed under funding from the United States Government.

Features at a Glance

  • Replicate real-world facilities.
  • Place and configure security elements inside and outside facility buildings.
  • Perform walkthroughs and virtual inspections.
  • Interact with virtual security equipment.
  • Tally the costs of security elements and print reports.

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