Automotive Safety

Automotive Sensing and Perception Systems
Helping the vehicle and the driver better understand their surroundings

Quantum Signal’s automotive safety technology is an innovative solution that incorporates lane departure warning, road sign recognition, and vehicle detection into a unified automated driver assistance system. This technology is a real-time forward-looking monocular system that uses novel algorithm technology. It performs reliably on any road and at any speed—day or night, in difficult lighting, and across weather conditions.

The system is based on a combination of advanced image processing techniques that operate robustly in real-time on the highway and in your neighborhood. No other commercial system is capable of duplicating the breadth of this technology’s capabilities.

Traffic Sign Recognition

The system’s road sign reader recognizes and reads road signs of any kind along any road or highway and communicates the information to the driver via text-to-speech—all in real time. No other vehicle vision system provides this capability.


The road sign reader helps prevent and mitigate accidents caused by missed street signs. The sign reader detects and reads all types of road signs, including U.S. speed limit signs, warning signs, and regulatory signs. This technology can also be applied to specific signs of interest to a particular application and to international road signs.


The sign reader can also be used to assist with navigation. The system detects and interprets free-form navigational and directional road signs containing place names, street names, distances, exit numbers, and more.

  • Reads text at large distances and interprets special symbols such as arrows and highway shields.
  • Relates interpreted information to geographic data to populate a GPS-style map.
  • Maintains vehicle position estimates (in conjunction with visual odometry) over extended periods without a GPS signal.

Lane Departure Warning

The automotive safety system is able to automatically detect and track lane markings and alert the driver when the vehicle veers from the lane. The system can identify hard to see, partially obscured, and worn-out lane markings. This customizable lane detection component is also reliable in poor visibility and nighttime conditions—when it's needed most.

Forward Collision Warning

The auto safety technology accurately tracks all other vehicles of any shape and size in front of the host vehicle. This real-time feature combines vehicle tracking, lane tracking, and ego-motion estimation to identify vehicles in the path of the host vehicle and provide a forward collision warning based on headway measurement.

Technology in Action

Enhanced Situational Awareness via Road Sign Recognition (ESARR). ESARR was developed by QS for defense applications. It applies sign detection to create a geo-bounding service that improves navigation through urban, semi-urban, or canopied terrain where Global Positioning Systems (GPS) signals are inconsistent. Download the ESARR brochure (PDF) to learn more.

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