QSAI: from consulting startup to Ford subsidiary

In 1999 Quantum Signal began as a consulting startup with two graduate students and a professor. From those humble beginnings QS would grow to become a real engineering firm, handling hundreds of programs and employing scores of top-notch scientists, engineers, software developers, artists, and more. For two decades QS built killer solutions that helped to convict counterfeiters, support autonomous robotics development through simulation, enhance perception and situational awareness, and even protect facilities with a security robot system for deep cold deployments. Now, as Quantum Signal AI, we’re proud to be a subsidiary of Ford Autonomous Vehicles and apply our robotic prowess to help create and develop the autonomous future!

Looking for Something Different?

Our work supports the Ford family of companies by developing software, hardware, algorithms, and the tools to shape the automotive future. Look through our career opportunities and apply today!